Monday 5 June 2017
After an exciting last round, Pruijssers beat Koen Leenhout and finished 6/7. The same number of points were gathered by French Christian Bauer and English Matthew Sadler, but their TPR was slightly lower.

Online registrations closed & latest information

Thursday 1 June 2017
The online registrations are now closed and we already have 505 players! Read this information carefully before coming to the tournament, to prevent unwanted surprises.

Participants list nearly complete!

Tuesday 30 May 2017
We’re almost complete here at the BPB Limburg Open! The online registrations will close on Wednesday evening 23:59, after which only registrations in the playing hall are possible. Let’s take a sneak preview at the participants so far.

GM Peng and FM Erwich as tournament trainers

Monday 17 April 2017
Have you always wanted to analyze your games with professional trainers like GM Zhaoqin Peng and FM Frank Erwich? That is possible now, because both players will be available at the BPB Limburg Open to anyone who wants to check and improve his or her games. Because of their bunch of experience, they can quickly find improvements to your games and make sure your next game will be even better. After your game, make sure to join one of the trainers, who will be clearly visible in the playing hall.

Dutch muscleman Sokolov to BPB Limburg Open

Thursday 13 April 2017
After the English Sadler, the French Bauer and the German Bogner, we now present the Dutch contestant for the 4-country-battle: Ivan Sokolov. Sokolov (2628) is a player who’s been playing at the highest level for more than 20 years. With the presence of the 3rd well-over-2600+ player, the 11th edition of the BPB Limburg Open is on its way to become the strongest edition ever.

Duo Kuipers/Haast present at BPB Limburg Open

Tuesday 21 March 2017
For the third consecutive year, Dutch Ladies Champion Anne Haast and IM Stefan Kuipers will be coming to Maastricht for the BPB Limburg Open. Anne will try to prolong her ladies title at the tournament, while Stefan will analyze the most exciting games on the live-boards live.

Christian Bauer goes for third time right time

Tuesday 28 February 2017
After presenting a strong Englishman and a high-level German, it’s time to present a highly rated Frenchman. Christian Bauer (2642) has confirmed his presence at the 11th BPB Limburg Open. Bauer already participated in 2015 and 2016, but he couldn’t really meet the high expectations then, finishing 21st and 6th. We did, however, notice an upward trend and because it’s the third time, this might actually just be the right time for Bauer.
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