Prize fund 2020

A B C1 C2 Veterans
4 600150100100
5 400125 75 75
6 200100 50 50

Extra prizes

Provincial champion of Limburg75   (1)
2nd place Championships of Limburg50   (1)
3rd place Championships of Limburg25   (1)
Seniors champion of Limburg25   (1)
Ladies champion of Limburg25   (1,2)
Lady prize A150   (3)
Youth prizes A/B/C1/C2Chess24 Premium (1 year)   (4)
Rating prizes <= 1450 C1/C250   

(1) The prizes for the provincial champions are only available for members of the Limburg Chess Association (LiSB). The highest ranking LiSB member in the veterans group is provincial veterans champion. The senior prize is available for LiSB members who were born before 1971 and who are competing in the groups A, B or C.

(2) The prize money for the Limburg seniors champion and the Limburg ladies champion will be merged into other prizes if there are fewer than 6 participants in the category in question. The exact prize fund allocation will be announced on the first tournament day. The total prize fund for members of the Limburg Chess Federation remains € 200 Euro.

(3) The lady prize will only be awarded if there are at least 4 female players in group A.

(4) Participants born after 2003 are eligible.

All prizes are in euros. If more players have the same amount of points prizes in money will be divided. Shared prices are rounded to whole euros. Amounts below € 5,- will not be payed. For prizes in kind the tie break rules mentioned in the tournament regulations will be applied.