Friday 7 June
16:30-18:30  Registration
18:45-19:00  Opening
19:00-00:00  1st round
Saturday 8 June
10:30-10:45  Registration (for persons with a bye in round 1)
11:00-16:00  2nd round (veterans group free)
17:30-22:30  3rd round
Sunday 9 June
11:00-16:00  4th round (veterans group free)
17:30-22:30  5th round
Monday 10 June
09:00-14:00  6th round
15:00-20:00  7th round
±20:30  Closing ceremony

A bye, counting for half a point, can be taken in one of the first 4 rounds (except in the veterans group), provided that it has been requested in advance.