Barry Braeken - Tournament Director

Barry Braeken has been tournament director since the end of 2018. He started playing chess at the age of seven and he never let it go. He now combines two things in his function at the Limburg Open: administrative experience (including alderman of the municipality of Heerlen and board member of the Heerlen chess club) and love for chess. An ideal combination!

Bert Smeets - Secretary

Bert has joined the the organising committee of the Limburg Open in december 2013. He has taken the position of secretary. He has broad experience as a manager and an organiser in chess. He has been president and secretary of the chess club Voerendaal for many years. Bert was also co-organisor of the provincial chess championships in 2001, which was then the official championship of the Limburg chess federation.

Jasper Zilverberg - Treasurer & Top player contacts

Jasper joined the organising committee in 2009. In previous he would contract titled players and take care of their accommodations. Since the 2014 tournament he is the treasurer of the organisation. Jasper has a degree in Economics which he studied at Maastricht University.

Frank Clevers - PR & Communications

Frank has been fascinated by chess since the World Cup match Fischer-Spassky in 1972. Since then he has been active in the chess world in many ways: among others as (co-)founder of various chess clubs, long-term chairman of the Limburg Chess Federation (LiSB) and no less than 20 years as a chess columnist at the Limburg newspapers. For his many achievements he was appointed Honorary Chairman of the LiSB, Member of Merit of the KNSB and Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau. Frank is a journalist and as of 2019 our man for PR and communications.

Roger Hünen - IT

Roger is a seasoned IT professional with extensive experience in IT infrastructure and application design. He has also been active in various administrative positions in the chess world. Roger joined the Limburg Open team in 2017. He is primarily responsible for the website, internet communications during the tournament and the games broadcast of the live boards.

Maarten van Laatum

Maarten lives and works in Maastricht. He loves chess, football, reading and cooking. Since his 18th he is a member of the chess club Maastricht and since his 19th chess organiser. He is one of the three founders of the Limburg Open and has seen it grow into one of the biggest tournaments in The Netherlands. Maarten is versatile, ambitious and because of his experience he may be involved in all practical aspects of the tournament.

Ton van Roon

As of 2017 Ton van Roon handles the player registrations. He has been affiliated with the Limburg Open since 2014 as an International Arbiter. Besides all this he acts as an arbiter in the national competitions in The Netherlands and in Belgium, and also in various tournaments like the Brasschaat Open (Belgium).

Mariëlle Meijs - Staffing & Logistics

Mariëlle Meijs has been a LiSB member and a member of De Juiste Zet in Noorbeek (The Netherlands) for more than 40 years. She is current also chairwoman of the board of De Juiste Zet. A milestone in her chess life was the Noorbeek visit of grandmaster Victor Korchnoi in 2007. As of the 2017 tournament Mariëlle is the coordinator of the Limburg Open volunteers.

Paul Bokern

Paul was born and raised in Maastricht and has played chess practically his whole life. In his youth he played at MSV-VSM (Maastricht) and travelled through Limburg to take part in chess tournaments. He also participated in the Limburg Open in the early years. Currently he plays chess at De Juiste Zet (Noorbeek) and is doing his PhD at Maastricht University.

Eric Roosendaal, Luc Cornet, Eric Barentsen, Ton van Roon, Sylvin De Vet - Arbiters

The team of arbiters consists of five experienced arbiters, each of them with an impressive resume. Chief arbiter is Eric Roosendaal, international arbiter (IA), as are Luc, Ton and Sylvin. Eric Barentsen is an expert in pairing systems.